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Monday, May 21, 2007

potter (not Beatrix)

Not a fluffy animal in sight; Granny doesn't count the pigeons. She sits in her flat, having declined pressing invitation to visit the A. Gormley exhibition at the Hayward Gallery on basis that she needed a day 'pottering' - getting ready to return to her island: etc. So what has she pottered out?

1. cleaned round bath. (Necessary.)
2. washed knickers. (Even more necessary.)
3.packed suitcase, re-filled drawer with staying-behind clothes
4. Unpacked.repacked, emptied, re-filled suitcase/ drawer, 3 if not 4 times, in search of her favourite pair of black trousers (bought in a sale at Ghost). After around an hour of looking low - and high - under bed, on top of cupboard etc etc - remembered she'd given the pair to Beloved to take back, on basis she would bring bits of his computer.
5. Rang beloved little sister in Australia. (A pleasure; despite circling round such subjects as death and old age etc, the way ageing sisters do, catching up on this and that.)
6. Made and drank her usual lethally strong coffee while contemplating fact that many if not all old friends encountered on this trip seem to have grown melancholy about approaching old age/mortality/crumbling flesh etc (given much earlier demise/crumbling of many others, they should be so lucky.) The most melancholy has just taken off on month long trip to Armenia, Iran etc etc, complete with suitcase full of necessarily all-enveloping garments; that should sort her out. (Granny is rather envious: interesting trip she thinks, enveloping garments and all. The price of a Beloved is not upping and offing on such trips herself. Worth it? Probably, she thinks at less loving moments. Certainly she thinks, at others.)
7. Eaten apple (organic; from Kent.)
9. Arranged for Broadband speed to be upgraded at request of flatmates. (At their expense.)
10. Spent much longer than required surfing the internet to test the new fleetness.
11. Feeling guilty, she then wrote this post

None of it exactly creative; you can see. As compensation, and to add at least one small animal input, here are a much more creative pair; Milly and Sophie, bantams both, sitting on two hens' eggs apiece. Out of one pair appeared yesterday two black chicks. The other two are still awaited.

What virtuous, patient animals. They don't care about festering baths/knickers lost pants, old age, let alone Broadband, they don't even care about - though they probably notice - the parasites that will be INFESTING them, after 3 weeks sitting tight. Why should they care if they itch? They are GOOD MOTHERS. A lesson to us all.

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